Our specialities

The restaurant's menu is rich in traditional dishes, but not only that.

Appetizers range from meat, like our assortment of cured meats, to fish, with tuna carpaccio and salmon carpaccio.

The first courses stand out for homemade pasta, such as tagliatelle, pumpkin tortelli, and gnocchi, as well as ragù sauces prepared by us, including those made with meat, duck, and hare. Fish-based first courses are also available, starting with our garganelli with salmon and pistachios.

The main courses include red meat, with Angus steak and beef ribeye, as well as roasted rabbit, salted meat, trout fillet, fresh and grilled cheeses, and more.

From September to June, the menu also includes "pastisada de caval" (horse meat stew) and "bigoli con sarde e pomodorini" (thick spaghetti with sardines and cherry tomatoes).

Finally, there is a wide selection of fresh, cooked, and grilled vegetables from our garden, homemade desserts, and white or red wines, available by the glass, to pair with the dishes.

Special menus can be arranged upon request.